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ThumbsUpNo matter what level you run at, some part of you is always pushing to see what you have inside. Can you go faster… last longer… get past a personal barrier… maybe even do something you once thought impossible? The answer to all of these questions is, almost always, a resounding YES! But what steps we have to take to achieve these goals can sometimes be difficult to figure out. That is where a good coach can prove invaluable to the runner.USATFLogo

Through a lot of trial & error, and years of study and research, I can finally say I understand what it takes to succeed in running. As with most things in life, there is no single approach to training. Probably the most important thing you can do to get good results is to constantly mix up your routine…shocking the neuromuscular system, so that it doesn’t become stale. Like many of you, I have hit that wall in my training and racing where you just kind of plateau and don’t improve like you want to. Believe me, it’s frustrating. But after 20 plus years of training & competing, I have finally come up with several different methods of training, that when done correctly, really work.

A typical Training Program will consist of setting up a series of six different runs, one for each day of the week. Each is designed for the individual runner, to work on a different part of the runner’s overall goals and type of races they are focused on. And don’t forget that last day of the week…the day of rest. After years of thinking that grinding myself into the ground would bring the best results, I have become a huge proponent of rest and recovery. While I believe that consistency is key to improving, we also need to pay attention to warning signs, and when to back off and take a rest day. You don’t achieve greatness from pushing harder then required. Your improvement comes when the body is strong and rested. It’s during rest that your body is regenerating and repairing itself. This is at the core of my training methods. Not only training at the right intensity, but getting the most benefit out of your post-training periods.

KenyansRecently I have had the privilege of coaching a team of young Kenyan’s. To these 20-something adults, running represents much more than just a way to stay fit or compete with one another. In Kenya, a great runner can have his or her entire life change for the better. If really successful, they can even bring greater prosperity to their entire community. Like many runners, they had come to that place where they just weren’t improving. They didn’t understand what they were doing wrong, and had no one to reach out to for advice. When I first met them (on the net) and asked them to describe their current training program to me in detail, I discovered two things. They were not on a regular schedule of training, and when they did train, they did so in excess. After several weeks of more steady, and less intense training, the payoffs began to come. Other teams saw such an improvement in their running, they began to get asked about their methods…and even their coach. I can’t tell you how rewarding it’s been to work with them.

To get back to those questions that you’ve been asking yourself…Can I go faster… last longer… get past a personal barrier… even do something I once thought impossible…the answer is YES you can, with the right coach. I’d like to be that coach for you. Through our work together I will show you how to reach deep down inside of yourself and uncover the winner you always knew lived inside of you. Contact me today at tateruns@gmail.com, and let’s start building that new you together.